everyone has that one bra that makes everything okay

even the boys?

We have that one brah that makes everything okay


Ol’ Dirty Bastard
04.19.14 /12:45/ 2895
My days spent trying to pay rent and stay bent.
04.18.14 /15:48/ 3
04.18.14 /13:25/ 3730
streethevrt asked:
who are you hello

Hello, my name is Saxon

04.18.14 /01:51/ 11274

Damn girl r u Zoloft and Valium cuz u make my heart race


4 Tha Homies
04.17.14 /21:44/ 1150
04.17.14 /21:41/ 143973
Bum fell asleep outside my crib
04.16.14 /17:45/ 18

I’m only “creative” when I’m at work, when I feel trapped and wanna escape. I only have design ideas or things to write when I’m broke or trapped, it’s stupid, I gotta learn how to handle creativity or whateva

04.15.14 /20:21/ 20
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